One bread, One body… One Lord of All

Worship is a time of praise and prayer.  Authenticity and vulnerability.  A place and time for humility and boldness.  Worship at The Table encourages us to find the spirit of Love, Grace, and Compassion, not only one for one hour out of the week, but worship that inspires and encourages us to seek out all the spaces and times in our life that cause awe and wonder.

Worship is not an element that calls us out of the world, but inspires us to “dig” deeper into the world in which we live.  Every time we gather, we celebrate Communion- the Feast of Remembrance.  It is this central Table that calls us into community, and propels us to re-member the body and presence of Christ.  Jesus’ call to his Table is open to everyone, and we celebrate God’s enveloping and radical grace among our diversity.

Our worship style is relaxed, casual, and dances the ancient dance between tradition and innovation.  Ancient and emerging traditions are used to bring us closer to our spiritual Center.

You can find videos of our Worship service on our Facebook page, where we live stream the service every Sunday.

You can find an archive of our sermons on our Sermon page under the Multimedia link here on our website.