A Little Bit About Me


My name is Joshua Toulouse, and as of May 1, 2017, I am the Senior Minister here at The Table.


I am a TCU graduate (majored in Radio/TV/Film, with a minor in Religion), so that might help to explain why I wear so much purple (GO FROGS!)

Maybe once I experience a football season here in Knoxville, I might add a little orange to the wardrobe!  (But don’t expect my love of TCU to ever lessen at all!)


I have two Master’s degrees from Brite Divinity School (on the TCU campus), a Master of Divinity (M.Div) and a Theological Masters (ThM).


Besides TCU sports (GO FROGS!!!), I am also a huge fan of Chicago sports, particularly the Blackhawks, the Cubs, and da Bears.  I was born in Chicago and spent the formative years of my life in that great city.


I also am a huge fan of pop culture, especially movies and television, often of the sci-fi variety.  I proudly wear my geek love on my sleeves (or, occasionally my stoles),

and many times I will use those loves in my sermons and messages, so be prepared to hear about the latest Comic Book movie each Sunday!


But most importantly, I believe in the transformative, radical love of God, meant for ALL people, especially those to whom society attempts to deny that powerful love.  We are all, women and men, LGBTQi+ and straight, Republican and Democrat, and even Christian and non-Christian, created in the Image of God, beloved by God, and ordained by God to do wonderful things in the world if we allow ourselves to do them.  So, I hope to help lead this congregation and all who would join us in working to do wonderful things in the world and bring about the kin-dom of God here on earth as it is in heaven.


I look forward to working with you all towards that cause!


Rev. Josh