“God gave us brains, and God expects that we use them.”  Or so the saying goes.  We believe that faith is an exercise of the mind, as well as the heart.  Christian Education opportunities at The Table are safe places of exploration.  Our Core Values of “Progressive and Journey-Focused” and “Passionate Spirituality” are immediately recognized.  Learning opportunities for children, youth, and adults involve open, intelligent dialogue and conversation of the nuance, complexity, and mystery of the faith we boldly proclaim.  After all, as our minister often reminds us, the Greatest Commandments include “Love the Lord your God with all of your mind” as well! (Luke 10:27)

Our Sunday School classes begin each Sunday at 9:45 a.m.  If you’re running a little bit late though, don’t fret.  Our adults don’t really get going until closer to 10:00 a.m. as it is hard to leave the coffee and conversation!

Children and Youth classes meet in the basement of the education wing (just off the Fellowship Hall).  Our children and youth teachers work diligently to provide a learning experience that is experiential; for children, prayer and play are closely intertwined.

A Sunday School opportunity for adults is held on the main floor of the education wing in the Oakes Board Room.  This learning experience involves fearless conversation with one another and God- participants have bold conversations.  Resources such the Wired Word series spark our discussion, which looks at news items from the past few weeks from a theological perspective.  ALL voices and listening hearts are welcome in this learning environment.


Our adults are utilizing the Wired Word curriculum.  The Wired Word is put together by an ecumenical (meaning people from diverse faith traditions) group of ministers and lay people each week, taking topical items from the recent news and applying Scripture and theological thought to the current events.  This curriculum allows for stimulating and thought provoking conversation on topical issues as well as a component of scriptural study.  Find more about this course at https://www.thewiredword.com.


Currently, our children’s class utilizes the curriculum “A Joyful Path.”  The curriculum, gently facilitated by one of our MAGNIFICENT teachers, encourages children to seek the ways that God speaks and interacts with each and all children.  Our class times inspire each child to embark on the wondrous journey of Christian discipleship, as they are empowered and inspired by messages of compassion, love, and inclusion.  Each child leaves feeling and knowing that they are beloved.